We support NDIS

Plan Management

What is a Plan Manager and how can a Plan Manager help you?

  • We can pay your service providers on your behalf as your Financial Intermediary while you maintain full control of your choice of service providers.
  • By having a Plan Manager, you are free to choose your own providers. They do not have to be on the approved NDIS service provider list. You have the choice as if you self-manage your own funding, but without the time and stress it may cause having to pay all those bills.
  • We send you a monthly statement to keep you informed of the financial status of your NDIS funding.
  • The funds to pay for a Plan Manager to manage your NDIS funding are an added extra, paid for by NDIS, and are NOT deducted from your funding. This means it does not reduce the funds available for the services you choose.
  • It is important that you ask for plan management to be included in your plan at your NDIS planning meeting.

If you already have a support worker who you like and trust, Balance Home Services would love to welcome them to our team. Alternatively, our support workers are friendly, reliable, caring and committed. We can also recruit specifically for your individual needs.

We are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals and in maximising all possibilities.

To ensure prompt payment, please ensure that invoices for Plan Management are only sent to invoices@balancehomeservices.com.au